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Symptoms of Panic Attack - Know the Most Common Panic Disorder Symptoms

Many common symptoms of panic attack can mimic those of a more serious physical disorder, and those symptoms themselves can be quite frightening to the sufferer, creating even more anxiety. Panic attacks can last from a few minutes to several hours with an average of 30 minutes. So what are the symptoms of panic attack?

Tightness or pain in the chest area accompanied by rapid heart rate are common symptoms of a panic attack, and they resemble those of a heart attack, so it definitely needs to be ruled out. It can also serve to ease your mind knowing that you did not have a heart attack and that your heart is normal, so that the next time you experience the same symptoms you need not be overly anxious.

Difficulty breathing or a choking sensation is another common panic attack symptom. Again, this can be quite scary if you're not sure what's going on in your body. However, once serious conditions have been ruled out and you know that you suffer from an anxiety disorder or panic attack, you should be more relaxed.

Yet another common panic attack symptom is the feeling that something terrible is about to occur, and the strong feeling that you need to escape the situation. Often times someone who suffers from panic attacks would rush out of a certain place for fear of being embarrassed in case they have a panic attack.

Other common symptoms of panic attack include hot flashes or chills, sweating, nausea or stomach cramps, and shaking. All these symptoms can make you feel more anxious which in turn will worsen the symptoms. In fact, one of the strongest triggers of panic attacks is the fear of having another episode. Therefore, in order to break the cycle you need to assure yourself that panic attacks will not harm you physically, and you need to work on eliminating the fear.

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